Cyril (Gold FM debriefer): “David Guion is still going to tell us a story of levers except that he is at FCGB and not at Getrag in Blanquefort”

In Debriefers on Gold FM, Julien Bee came back with Cyrilon the choices of David Guion during this Angers-Bordeaux and this lunar composition…

“For me this composition… There is an additional aberration which is to put a left-back on the right. We all know that right-handers can play with an average left foot but most left-handers have a right foot which is catastrophic. On a saw Gideon Mensah, the whole match, in offensive and defensive phase, permanently on his right foot. He (David Guion) took 60 minutes before straightening the thing. On a block played low when the whole world knows we’re going to play like this. We have to win this match and we play low block… We have no physicality. I do mean that the coach should have done some groundwork at some point, but maybe the sports director should also have said that we have a big physical deficit, as he admitted in recruiting players of size, but he could also have asked his physical trainer to do some land at that time. When we see the interview thatAdmar Lopes had given to The Team, she is lunar. Nothing is his fault, nothing is the managers’ fault, it’s the players’ fault. Except that it was he who recruited these players and it was he who set up this staff. And David Guion going to tell us another story of levers except that he is at the FCGB and not to getrag in Blanquefort (Supplier of Ford transmission systems). If he wants to go to work in the factory and make levers, let him go there. But when you play football, you are in football. I can’t stand it anymore and I can’t stand these people anymore. He will not resign, there are two games left, there is no longer any interest. On the other hand, it is clear that on the evening of the 38th day the club needs a complete cleaning and I hope that Gerard Lopez will know how to do it from top to bottom, that is to sayAdmar Lopes to the players. There is a whole block to free up and go back to basics a little bit. […] A Bordeaux we have nationalities everywhere, an incomprehensible organization chart with people who have no talent. We need to restore order and it is imperative.

Transcription Girondins4Ever

The post-game podcast:

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