Cryptos: hackers steal $5 million from Solana wallets

Hacks targeting crypto platforms have increased this year. In the first quarter alone, $1.2 billion worth of cryptos were hacked according to KPMG. A figure up 692% compared to the same period last year. Latest example, on Wednesday, thousands of wallets running on the Solana blockchain were hacked. According to the Solscan tool, around $5 million worth of crypto was siphoned off by the hackers, mostly from the USDC stablecoin and solana (SOL), the eponymous blockchain native crypto.

After sounding the alert a few hours after the hack, Solana’s teams identified the flaw. This concerns the wallets developed by Slope. This platform, in which Solana invested $8 million in February, offers services on the Solana blockchain. A total of 9,000 individual wallets were emptied of their funds.

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