Cryptocurrency Price Prediction: Ripple, Cardano, and Bitcoin – American Wrap 03 Aug

Bitcoin Price Prediction: A Fundamental Line in the Sand

Bitcoin price is struggling to propel itself to higher targets. The peer-to-peer digital asset performed quite erratically in July as traders experienced jerks and counterfeits back and forth. Due to the unpredictable behavior, the rise in Bitcoin price looks rather crowded. This subtle display of uncertainty can be seen as a trend weakness among analyst techniques. An opportunity to short the digital asset could present itself in the coming weeks.

Will the price of XRP break above $0.50 this week?

The price of XRP has, since its major fall in June, been consolidated in a narrow range ranging from $0.30 to $0.40. This lent and insensitive price has prompted investors to adopt a hands-off approach, making XRP’s price recovery a challenge. However, the cross-border token may break out of the range soon, climbing to $0.50 and then moving to $1.00.

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Cardano price braces for 40% price hike after hitting key milestone

RektCapital, a crypto analyst assessed the Cardano price trend and noted that ADA price witnessed a recent breakout of a Falling Wedge chart pattern. This pattern usually occurs when the asset price is moving in an overall uptrend before a correction. Cardano price is now expected to cross the upper trendline, past $0.515 to start a 40% rally.

Ripple Cardano and Bitcoin cryptocurrency price prediction

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