Crypto nugget: This metaverse token intends to dominate Decentraland and The Sandbox

With the exception of new initiatives such as FIREPIN (FRPN) aiming to carve out a place for itself in the sector, the jets of the metaverse have not caused much ink to flow this year. After Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, announced his move to metaverse, investors started buying metaverse tokens in droves. The biggest winners of the rally were MANA and SAND.

Attention has now shifted to new high-potential projects like FIREPIN.

FIREPIN (FRPN) – What is it?

This is a new DAO based on the FRPN crypto. FIREPIN is a project focused on creating 3D games and VR applications, and other related fields. The project is driven by its community, it is enough to have FRPN to participate.

Initially launched on Ethereum (ERC-20), the FIREPIN (FRPN) token is presented as a DAO token multi swap all-in-one capable of linking five different blockchains and thus meeting a market need.

FRPN will link BNB ChannelEthereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), Avalanche (AVAX) and Solana (SOL), allowing holders to transact quickly and cheaply by leveraging the “most efficient blockchain”, according to its inventors.

FIREPIN has a certain advantage over its competitors (Sandbox and Decentraland). It is indeed a brand new token with a low pre-sale price.

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The presale is now open, and you can register to acquire this token at the price of $0.000067 on its official site.

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