Crypto Investors! Here are the ten best bitcoin wallets at your fingertips

It is indeed true that the crypto market is known for many bearish trends, and for some investors, their bullish sentiments have turned upside down. But despite all this, many of them are extremely in demand by the digital asset space and are still inclined towards it. Specifically, the crowned crypto-asset Bitcoin (BTC).

As the crypto asset frenzy grew by leaps and bounds in recent years, most industries around the world started to adopt BTC as a mode of payment. And there is the need for a crypto wallet, it is necessary for crypto to transact without any barrier or frustration.

If you are looking for bitcoin wallet apps to use. Here are some that you can select according to your preference and choice in 2022.




The Kraken app is appropriate for crypto investors who aspire to become one. It helps manage top digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC). What you can do is keep an eye on your favorite projects, invest in BTC, and also track top day earners through this bitcoin wallet app. Kraken also focuses on providing all the security to enable enhanced crypto trading in the market.

Bitfinex is a wallet app that is one of the most popular among crypto investors. It gives you full control of your portfolio. You can easily track crypto positions, orders, transaction history, and more. with just the click of a button. It allows trading a range of crypto assets, margin trading, and a few other cool features.


Coinbase is among the most popular crypto wallets this year. It aims to manage the rights to the private keys of BTC wallets in a secure way. The wallet app supports over 4,000 tokens as well as DApps. It can also allow access to vaults and transaction details, which is a storage place for all crypto and NFT. Besides providing protection, it also acts as a self-custody wallet.

Nano X Register

Ledger Nano X is another popular bitcoin wallet app and has the most advanced hardware wallet for investors. It is a secure Bluetooth-enabled device for managing cryptocurrencies in a Ledger ecosystem. It facilitates the keeping of private keys offline and protected while the Ledger Live application enables access to key services. Investors can trade more than a hundred varied tokens here.

Go Zen

ZenGo is a popular app among those who want more control and freedom. One feature that fascinates investors is that there are no minimum, maximum, or additional fees for buying or earning Bitcoin. It offers enhanced security and customer support as well as facial biometrics to manage funds in digital wallets. ZenGo is said to be the first and largest keyless bitcoin and crypto wallet for investors.


Coinmama is one of the players in the crypto exchange platform, it allows to exchange Bitcoin and other altcoins with the conventional modes like credit cards, bank transfers, debit cards, etc. crypto investors with varied payouts, instant verifications, high spending limits, and more. Moreover, it also provides crypto calculator, bitcoin calculators and much more to make your crypto transactions smooth.


The Electrum BTC wallet has probably been in the market since 2011 via its app. It is not only fast, but also enhances the bitcoin experience with two-factor authentication verification regardless of whether transactions are on the bitcoin network blockchain. It enables multiple user interfaces and powers hardware wallets while dividing permission to spend BTC tokens.


This wallet app makes it easy to buy bitcoin and other altcoins seamlessly with bitcoin wallets. It helps with instant and convenient methods to pay transactions and features securely. Its goal is to make a digital asset available to crypto investors even in the corner of the world. Investors can access their funds within the next day of deposit.


This bitcoin wallet app is among the early players. It provides savings, cold storage and advanced spending accounts with open-source and one hundred percent security through a cross-wallet operability feature. Moreover, there are no such cross-border checks and fees, or even any payment limitations.


Exodus is another popular app among bitcoin wallet apps and investors, which allows investing through desktop computers and smartphones. It is suitable for both amateurs and experienced. It allows to integrate more than 150 crypto assets, more to control wealth as well as love charts and exchange.


The views and opinions expressed by the author, or anyone named in this article, are for informational purposes only and do not constitute financial, investment or other advice. Investing in or trading crypto assets involves the risk of financial loss.

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