Contentsquare certifies its first class of students at KEDGE Business School

The leading platform for Experience Analytics Contentsquare and KEDGE Business School have entered into a first partnership aimed at certifying students in the Master of Science MSc Digital Marketing & Sales program.

The first edition of this partnership

In March 2022, KEDGE certified its first promotion at Contentsquare thanks to their training on the analysis of the digital experience. This training allowed the 54 students who followed the apprenticeship program to understand the different challenges that companies face in the digital sector.. This partnership is a first between Business School and the French Tech platform, which allows students to benefit from the expertise of the latter.

A dual objective

The objectives are twofold and linked in this partnership: allow students to master business issues concerning the user experience, and master the very technologies that serve as their tools. The training focuses on the practical rather than the theoretical aspect, working on performance in terms of technology, mastering the issues concerning the impact of companies, CSR, etc. Areas in which KEDGE expects its students to have a certain sensitivity and a consider criticism. This training allows students to engage in the field of Techlacking in talent today, and thus makes it possible to guarantee a better level of employability for students taking advantage of this certification.

Program of the training

The program was introduced with demonstrations of the use of the Contentsquare platform. The training continued with an analysis session containing a practical case, then the visit of a professional from the Homair brand to share his knowledge. Finally, the students presented their analyzes before the closing ceremony.

To conclude, this partnership thus makes it possible to leave each winning game. It allows KEDGE to pursue its educational objectives in a logic of “Learning to do, succeeding by doing”, the Contentsquare platform is developing with young dynamic people in full professional development, and companies are benefiting from these new talents, little many today.

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