CoinShares: Bitcoin Commodities Record Best Week Since November 2021

Last week, inflows from crypto investment products reached a total of $30 million. A figure that remains significantly lower than the $343 million recorded the previous week, CoinShares points out

In the week of July 11-17, crypto investors placed $343 million in digital asset-based products. According to CoinShares report, this is the best week since November 2021.


Last week (from July 18 to 24), $30 million was invested in crypto products. This brings the total inflows of the crypto to $394 million since the start of the month. As a result, total assets under management have returned to $30 billion, their level at the start of June 2022.

Breakdown of flow entrants

Last week, Bitcoin reached $19 million in investments. In contrast, admissions for the previous week reached $206 million, making it the best week since May 2022.

CoinShares points out that last week’s inflows brought total monthly and yearly inflows to $221.5 million and $241.3 million respectively.

It should be noted that Bitcoin investments account for 58% of total inflows year-to-date, which stands at $415 million, according to CoinShares.

Last week, $0.6 million was invested in Bitcoin short positions. However, assets under management fell 9% from their peak on July 13, from $145 million to $133 million. This development can be explained by the slight rebound in the price of Bitcoin.

In contrast, Ethereum-based investment products only provided $8.1 million last week, down from $120 million a week prior.

CoinShares, however, points out that this is the best week for Ethereum since June 2021. According to the report, this “marks a turnaround in sentiment after an 11-week streak of outings.” The analytics platform also expects the upcoming The Merge update to rekindle investor interest.

Thanks to its performance over the past week, the altcoin has taken its monthly inflows to $137 million. This represents 35% of the total $393.5 million in capital invested in the crypto market.

CoinShares: in Switzerland, cryptocurrencies are on the rise

According to the CoinShares report, Switzerland has taken the lion’s share of inflows in the past week.

Of the $30 million in capital inflows in the last week, $16 million came from Switzerland. A week prior, investors nationwide placed $356 million in crypto investment products.

With inflows estimated at $577 million so far this year, CoinShares believes that Switzerland remains “a prime region for digital asset investors.” In contrast, the United States and Germany lagged behind with small inflows of $9m and $5m, respectively.


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