Chrome 103 is available and always loads your web pages faster

Google Chrome version 103 is now available for download. In the program, Google’s browser has reintroduced a pre-rendering system that should speed up the loading speed of web pages.

Google’s Web browser has just moved to version 103. Four weeks after the previous update, this new version introduces several new features, including one that should improve navigation.

The Mountain View company has indeed decided to reintroduce its web page pre-rendering system into its browser, which it had abandoned in 2017 with Chrome 63. At the time, the Chrome development team preferred to replace it by another mechanism, Stateless Prefetch, supposed to monopolize the least resources while requiring the loading times. However, if the latter was simpler and safer, it does not load pages instantly. Google has therefore decided to resuscitate its pre-rendering mechanism in order to improve the speed of loading pages in the browser.

Also new, Chrome 103 now supports image files in .AVIF format in the web sharing module. As a reminder, the AVIF format offers more efficient compression than the JPEG format while preserving the quality of the image. Finally, the new version of Google’s web browser now allows WebApps to access local usage policies on your machine. Therefore, they could use them to display content in a different font than the default Chrome uses.

Chrome’s update to version 103 should happen automatically. If this is not the case, you can force the browser to check the availability of the update by going to the menu Assistance then clicking on About Google Chrome. See you on August 2 for the update of Chrome to version 104.

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