Charly (Gold FM Debriefer): “We can’t really move forward, to put a lot of rhythm because there weren’t a lot of spaces”

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In Debriefers on Gold FM, Julien Bee came back with Charlyon this third clean sheet in as many league games of League 2.

“It’s important afterwards, I’m going to be a little tough, I think we have the same problems as last year. There are a lot of shortcomings, lack of concentration. It doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s fatal. We can see that there was an error Gaetan Poussin where he does not manage to resume in one touch and close he manages to save himself. There are times when we find ourselves in inferiority on counterattacks, or passes that are missed in our camp. I think it’s more due to the fact that the team is tight-knit and therefore they make the effort together, added to the fact that we are in League 2 and that the players do not have the same level as in League 1. I think it’s due to that but then I’m not going to spit on it, of course we take. We’re second and I’m enjoying it. »

He then spoke about the midfielder who struggled against Niort :

“We find a bit of the game of Valenciennes in the sense that there is a bit of a soft rhythm. We can’t really move forward, put on a lot of rhythm because there weren’t a lot of spaces. Fransergio and Danylo Ignatenko couldn’t find the spaces and suddenly it makes that Dilan Bakwa and Josh Maja were used very little. Given how it’s gone, I think the whole season is going to be like this because the teams are going to get to Bordeaux, they watch the matches and are not stupid. They will know that we will have possession in most games anyway and will play it like Valenciennes and Niort, that is to say, try to muzzle the midfielder, remove as much space as possible in the center so that there are as few chances as possible and the game is as fluid as possible. It’s up to the team to adapt. Will it be by a change of system or by the players adapting themselves and trying to find solutions? I don’t know, but it’s going to be very complicated when we meet teams that are a little stronger. »

Transcription Girondins4Ever.

The post-game podcast:

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