Charly (Gold FM debriefer): “At first he was a good goalkeeper but there he lost all serenity, all confidence”

In Debriefers on Gold FM, Julien Bee came back with Charlyon the delivery of Gaetan Poussin to deal with Valenciennes.

“To have been right in front of his goals, the number of times the ball comes towards him and he sticks to the line, defeated the defenders alone in the face of the situation… At the beginning he was a good goalkeeper but now he has lost all serenity, all confidence and in the position of goalkeeper it is something really important. I hope for him that he will gain confidence except that it’s been far too long and I’m afraid that if we do the season with him, it could be very complicated. I think we will lose a lot of points if he stays. »

He then mentioned the proposed positions that should be recruited:

“If I have to choose positions, I would say a winger because it does not seem to me that we currently have one at the club, a really fast and provocative winger. Then a creative midfielder, a sort of 10 because in this match at the conservation level it was fine, afterwards there was a lot of lack of concentration, but it was at the attacking level where we clearly lacked creativity. Onana Junior is not made for that, Danylo Ignatenko no more. It is necessary to keep only one of the two on the eleven, and to have a kind of 10 capable of having the volume of play and distilling good passes. And therefore a winger capable of returning, of being dangerous in order to be able to center on Josh Maja. »

And finally on the case of the coach David Guion who stayed on this season. The debriefer gave his opinion on his coaching and the fact that he is kept:

“On the coaching there, given the number of players and the quality of the players, I don’t want to blame him. After all, if we keep the same coach with the same physical trainer and the same organization chart on it will not have different results. Then I understand that there may be an economic part in it. To fire him would be very expensive and to take someone that we will have to look for. With less good players, fewer players and keeping the same staff, I don’t see the point at all. I wonder where we’re going with this? In addition we saw what he did last year so I do not see the point. »

Transcription Girondins4Ever.

The post-game podcast:

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