[Chariot BFM Business] Our price statement for races remains stable this week

Between July 25 and August 2, our BFM Business tank remained stable. But for the first time since the start of our price surveys, that of the traditional baguette has increased.

After a sharp increase during our last survey at the end of July, our BFM Business tank remains stable on August 2. The selection of 48 products among the 200 most purchased by French consumers costs 137.47 euros this week on our drive test. But like the previous week, a new missing product changed our calculation slightly.

Our basket has changed slightly
Please note that two household products included in our basket – Sanytol grapefruit spray disinfectant 500ml and Saint-Marc x40 wipes -, as well as the set of two Colgate Original toothpastes, are no longer sold by the distributor. During our last price statement, on July 25, our selection cost 140.44 euros. For this basket to be comparable with that of this week, you must subtract the three products that are no longer available. Set back these three products, the bill then falls to 137.22 euros the previous week.
Similarly, our first price statement made on May 11 goes from 144.59 euros to 137.61 euros by removing the three products.

The traditional baguette increased by 5 cents

Between July 25 and August 2, our basket remained stable with an increase of only 25 cents (+0.18%).

Of the 45 products in our basket, only three have increased, among them the traditional baguette. Its price had never changed since the start of our price surveys in mid-May. From 84 cents, the tradition is now sold for 89 cents, an increase of almost 6%.

A significant price increase since, as Michel-Edouard Leclerc had pointed out, the baguette is a “flagship product” and a “marker of inflation”, he had advanced to justify the blocking of the white baguette at 29 cents .

Conversely, four products saw a drop in price. An evolution, however, almost insignificant since their selling price has fallen by only one cent. This is the case for a pack of Danone natural yoghurts or the President camembert, which is beginning to fall after having risen sharply since the start of our price survey (sold for 1.55 euros in mid-May, it had reached 1, 74 early July).

Promotions to reduce the bill

Inflation has been accelerating for several months, driven by energy and food prices. Food prices jumped 6.7% year on year in July, according to INSEE. This is higher than inflation, which reached 6.1% year on year in July, a record since 1985.

And yet, since the start of our price survey in mid-May, our basket has remained stable. It even fell by 14 cents by removing the three products that are currently unavailable. A finding that does not suit general inflation because to reduce the bill, distributors multiply promotions on compensated products like sofas, coffee pods or even Ricard.

The BFM Business float is a testimonial from an average consumer and shows how brands try to limit price increases with promotions. There is no question of questioning real inflation recorded by INSEE or the panelists who bustle up hundreds of thousands of prizes every month across all channels.

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