Avalanche and EvidenZ Collaborate to Bring Blockchain into Academia

EvidenZ, thanks to its decentralized application BCdiploma, allows large schools and universities to certify their diplomas directly on the Blockchain. The company has already issued 14,500 certificates on Avalanche (AVAX) for the University of Lille, the largest university in France. It is in this context that the start-up signed a partnership to increase the adoption … Read more

The NFT war is declared: LooksRare registers $ 100 million in volume and doubles OpenSea

NFTs have undoubtedly been the most iconic phenomenon of the year 2021 in the crypto ecosystem. Faced with the monopoly of the OpenSea purchase and resale platform, competition is organized by offering a more community-based alternative. NFT: the preserve of OpenSea? In just one year, the ecosystem of TVN evolved from a market of niche … Read more