after the fall, a bullish phase comes

As panic seems to be taking over the crypto market, bitcoin is starting to rekindle hope. Good news for HODLERS, the end of the bitcoin collapse gives way to a bullish momentum: the boom. For stock market veterans, this is nothing new. This is a cycle that repeats itself every time in the stock markets. … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) soon at 100,000 dollars?

All cryptocurrency enthusiasts monitor crypto prices and news. However, one in particular captures attention, bitcoin (BTC). If the current course is far from happy everyone, Mike McGlone thinks that the trend could soon be reversed. Bitcoin at 100,000 dollars, McGlone does not budge! Bitcoin (BTC) price predictions are going strong. Indeed, many analysts have already … Read more

More reliable than Google?

When the largest research platform goes down, it’s a global event. Against all expectations, some Google services stopped responding in several countries on the night of August 8. Strangely, bitcoin (BTC) has never had a bug. So would BTC be more reliable than Google? Server problem on Google? Technological evolution requires reliable software and intense … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC): altcoins wanted more consideration!

Matt Corallo, an early developer of BTC Core, said Bitcoin (BTC) maximalists should respect altcoins better. According to him, some of the alternative cryptocurrencies have potential, just like bitcoin (BTC). Recall that BTC Core or Bitcoin Core is a flagship open source software that promotes the operation of the Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin maximalists needed to … Read more

Adoption of Bitcoin: 7% of Spaniards in love with cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin now speaks Spanish – L’adoption by the general public cryptocurrency is working. Sluggish in some countries, it is advancing by leaps and bounds in others. Studies are flourishing on this subject. and they highlight additional results, both nationally and internationally. Today, heading to the country of Cervantes to take stock of an official report … Read more