Care Promotion signs the “Bio-sourced wood” pact

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Care Promotion recently signed the “Biosourced wood” pact, led by Fibois Île-de-France, which aims to create a virtuous ecosystem, by bringing together all the players contributing to the wood sector, from upstream to downstream: foresters , transformers, manufacturers. The promoter is now committed, alongside 45 signatories, to achieving between 10% and 40% of its Ile-de-France production in bio-sourced wood by 2025.

“Decarbonized construction is in our genes,” says François Correia, deputy general manager of the group. “We were already carrying out life cycle analyzes on all of our production, even before the studies became compulsory, as part of RE2020. This pact, with the support of the members of Fibois Île-de-France, will be of precious help in helping us find solutions in the realization of our projects”.

Care Promotion has already identified four wood projects, three of which will begin in September. In Paris, in the 18e borough, a former garage being transformed will be delivered in the fall of 2023 with an elevation in a wooden structure to accommodate a residence of 47 collective housing units. “Currently, around 10 to 15% of our production is made of wood”, specifies François Correia.


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