Carbonfact raises $2 million to decarbonize the fashion industry

Carbonfact helps fashion brands reduce their carbon footprint. Carbonfact announces a fundraising of $2m from the Alven fund, the American incubator YCombinator as well as entrepreneurs and business angels.


The reference method for measuring the environmental impact of a product is life cycle analysis (LCA), an often required and time-consuming process that involves measuring the impact of each of the life stages of a product from the extraction of its raw materials, its assembly and its end of life. Carbonfact has developed a solution that automates life cycle analysis for the fashion industry.

Nearly 90% of fashion brands’ carbon footprint is in their supply chain (also called Scope 3). By quantifying the environmental impact of each product, Carbonfact gives them unparalleled visibility into the environmental impact of their supply chain. These can quantify the carbon footprint of different raw materials or suppliers, compare different scenarios and reconcile the work of creative directors with the company’s carbon trajectory.

Launched less than a year ago, Carbonfact works with 150 international fashion brands. The Carbonfact team is made up of life cycle analysis experts, software engineers and data scientists (ex Airbnb, Alan)

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