Carbon footprint: Taylor Swift explains herself after being criticized for her 170 private jet flights

After being strongly criticized because of the large number of trips made with her private jet, Taylor Swift wanted to explain herself through her team.

The life of a star is not easy. After a study by the digital company Yard, concerning the carbon emissions emitted by the private jets of celebrities, Taylor Swift has been strongly criticized. And for good reason, his plane has produced 8293.54 tonnes of carbon since January 1st. Or “1184.8 times more than the total annual emissions of an average person,” said the agency.

The 32-year-old singer, however, wanted to justify herself, at least through her team. They contacted E! News, and pointed out that “attributing most or all of these trips to him is blatantly incorrect.”

According to his spokesperson, “Taylor’s jet is regularly loaned to other people”, which means that the interpreter of Shake it off, “is not always there”.

According to the report, it is stated that Taylor Swift’s plane completed 170 trips and accumulated more than 22,923 flight minutes, which is almost 16 days.

Moreover, the shortest flight of his private jet lasted only 36 minutes, for a trip from Missouri to Nashville, Tennessee (USA).

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