Cameroon is setting up two applications for the development of business plans and the rating of SMEs

The presentation ceremony of the two candidates was held on June 20 in Yaoundé at the premises of the Chamber of Commerce. It was above all a question of presenting to the public and the media present, the benefits of these innovations, as well as their mode of operation. Set up by the Agency for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises, one of them, called “Notapme”, is an application for rating SMEs. It allows the user to create an account, to have his company noted by filling out forms that allow him to collect information on his activity, his performance, his sector of activity. This annotation will accredit the viability of the project in question and increase its creation with investors.

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“My shell”, the second application set up by the Apme, is essentially intended for the development of business plans. According to this state structure, this new digital device will allow the project leader to build his business plan online, while having the opportunity to benefit from the support of a coach, receives a sum of money, the amount of which has not been disclosed. Concretely, it is an interactive application compatible with several means of communication such as digital tablets, mobile phones, laptops, desktops, accessible with or without an internet connection. This platform will make it possible to bring together beneficiary users and advisers, banks, approved external consultants, administrators, experts and APMEs, among others. With regard to the method of payment for services and financing, My obus offers functionalities allowing the collection or payment of fees due in electronic money.

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According to the APME, training for the handling of these applications has been carried out by the various service providers, so that potential users appropriate the architecture of the various platforms, the various administration methods and the user guides. .

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