business that blazes at sunset” Sunday July 31 on M6 (video)

Sunday July 31 at 9:10 p.m., Julien Courbet invites you to discover on M6 an unpublished summer edition of the magazine “Capital”: “Seaside: business that blazes at sunset”.

Capital spent the summer in one of the mythical seaside resorts of the Var: Bandol. With its breathtaking coastline and its record level of sunshine, every summer Bandol holds hordes of holidaymakers who spend around 250 euros a week on restaurants, leisure and shopping. But not at any time!

By the sea, you have to wait for the sun to go down and the heat to drop for the turnover to soar. The “evening traders” know this and draw at the right time. From 5 p.m., first with the strategic returns from the beaches which attract thousands of customers to the shops, then at the very laudable hour of the aperitif or later when going out to restaurants. And during this late window, ice cream parlors can make up to 90% of their turnover!

For the first time, Capital deciphers the chronology of this lucrative business of summer evenings, with local personalities like Aude, ready-to-wear saleswoman, who knows how to set the mood to boost her recipes, Philip the “glacier DJ”, or even Yann and his crazy bet to transform rusty containers into a new trendy bar.

Faced with “evening traders”, the teams of Capital followed the emblematic sellers of scrunchies or donuts who, this summer, are revolutionizing the way they sell! No more big cart, here comes the towel delivery app. They invested 300,000 euros, but for what results?

For the town hall, parties are also a major issue, a pillar of the local economy. How much do seaside resorts like Bandol invest to attract tourists, entertain them, but also for their safety? And, in return, what do these beautiful summer evenings bring him?


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