Business France, the “Meetic” of export, Internationalize and export

Born from the merger between Ubifrance and the AFII (French Agency for International Investments), Business France is, since January 2015, the new international business support structure for companies. Its goal: to enable SMEs and start-ups to identify potential partners for their development abroad, whether in the context of contract signatures or establishments. “Prospecting for contacts in the service of companies is at the heart of our activity”, assures Henri Baissas, Deputy Managing Director “Export” of Business France. Newly, the organization has set up a collective workshop on how to approach UN buyers. “We are very pragmatic”he adds.

Transform essay

The organization has 900 correspondents in 70 countries, equipped with substantial address books and ready to serve as intermediaries to facilitate the connection of French companies with the right local contacts. All companies, regardless of the sectors of activity, can benefit from this support: agro-equipment, lifestyle, health, industry, “Fin Tech”, digital, services… “We manufacture programs according to the needs of companies. The goal is to transform the meeting(s) by signing contracts and placing orders”, explains Henri Baissas. Thus, recently, the organization has managed to list French start-ups on, a Chinese e-commerce site.

Trade fairs and tailor-made

Business France carries out collective projects within the framework of the France Export service, such as, for example, access to trade fairs where companies come together under the French flag. “They can thus gain visibility. Without our help, many would not be able to afford this possibility”, continues the expert. Supported by meetings with businesses and potential local partners. The cost of this offer is invoiced around 1,500 euros.Three times cheaper than the value of the service, in order to play our role of seeding young shoots internationally, » he points out.

In addition to these bundled offers, the structure offers an individual tailor-made support service. “But it all depends on the specifications of each company and what they need. This can consist of studying the positioning of a product on a foreign market. All scenarios are possible as long as the company has sufficient maturity to open up abroad, that it has a clear vision of its strategy”, specifies Henri Baissas. Car Business France does not test the viability of products and services: “This must be done in parallel with other structures, such as incubators. »

Find anchor points

The cost of such support? “We work with ticket moderator logic. It starts at 3,000 euros but the price of the service will depend on what is requested., advance our interlocutor. Business France has also entered into a partnership with Bpifrance to accelerate the establishment of French companies abroad. “We are a bit like the Meetic of exports. Our goal is to help companies find anchor points, present them in the language of the target countries and allow them to then fly on their own”, he finished. Ready to take off?

Business France in figures
• 10,000 companies supported in 2014 including:
• 7,000 companies having provided a business connection
• 2,000 companies having provided International Corporate Volunteering (VIE)
• One in two companies with a contract under negotiation
• 11,000 contracts signed

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