The Gambian Minister of Foreign Affairs explained his country’s economic ambitions with Morocco to the colleagues of Africa 24. Considering that Morocco is the continent’s gateway to sub-Saharan Africa and Europe, announces Mamadou Tangara a privileged bilateral framework with the Cherifian kingdom.

It should be noted that Minister Tangara met with his Moroccan counterpart Nasser Bourita, during the meetings in Marrakech, during the 14th US-Africa Business Summit. On the sidelines of this high-level meeting, he will update Africa24 on ties with Morocco.

The head of Gambian diplomacy emphasized the prospects of African countries, in the development of cooperation with Morocco, in relation to the various crises which constitute an obstacle for the economies. Regarding bilateral relations, Mamadou Tangara notes that Banjul and Rabat are working together to ensure that the Moroccan-Gambian joint commission is effective in the very near future. “This will notably involve strengthening economic cooperation with Morocco, which is the gateway to Africa, Europe and sub-Saharan Africa,” he adds.

He will make in the process, this not least announcement: “We are working for the holding of a joint commission as soon as possible to further strengthen our cooperation. Long before, a Business Forum is planned which will allow men business and the private sector to participate in strengthening these relations. It is well known that the private sector is nevertheless the engine of development and can absorb many of the crises that the public sector may experience. These are the major employers for applicants, the appropriate conditions must be created so that they can work within a very specific legal framework within the Banjul-Rabat axis.