Breaking: Unveiling a Bitcoin Valley in Honduras

If we already knew the interest of Honduras for the Salvadoran example in terms of adoption of Bitcoin, we learn today the official launch of a “Bitcoin Valley”, an area Compatible with bitcoinsdeployed in the Honduran tourist enclave of Santa Lucia.

This is information reported by Reuters and which will perhaps date in the history of the spread of Bitcoin as a legal, functional and accepted currency in more and more economic areas. Thus, despite the reservations of its own central bank, the Honduran authorities have formalized the launch of an initiative called “Bitcoin Valley”, in the tourist area of ​​the municipality of Santa Lucia, a small town in the mountains, 20 minutes from the capital Tegucigalpa.

“People can buy crypto ice cream on the streets of Bitcoin Valley. This will open up more opportunities and pull in more people who want to use this currency”

Cesar Andino, manager of the Los Robles commercial square.

In fact, this “Bitcoin zone” will initially concern around sixty businesses. The initiative was jointly developed by the organization Blockchain Honduras, the Guatemalan consortium of crypto exchanges Coincaex, the Technological University of Honduras and the municipality of Santa Lucia.

After El Salvador, Latin America continues to establish itself as a land of innovation for Bitcoin initiatives. A first step for Honduras to eventually join the ranks of the first “Bitcoin-Nations”?

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