“Brad Rock, the gold digger”, next nugget from comic book designer Jilème

In his next comic book, author and illustrator Jilème goes back in time. That of Caledonia in the 1860s, of its gold diggers and other coveted metals, in the guise of Brad Rock, an Australian pioneer in search of adventure and fortune. A project that will see the light of day at the end of October, thanks to crowdfunding.

He may have settled in Touraine four years ago, Joël Lemasson, alias Jilème, has not completely turned the page on Caledonia. This is where he once again sets the scene for his next comic strip, “Brad Rock, the Gold Digger” (Brad Rock the gold digger, in English), with a pioneer as the central character.

We are in 1864. Brad Rock, an Australian a little drunk” and a bit “grumpy”, embark his wife and two children on the Caledonian adventure. While waiting to make his fortune, he grows potatoes and other vegetables on his land in Dumbéa.

Jilème has been working on this project for nearly five years. A story he imagined in the form of an American “comic strip”, “little gags in a band, like Snoopy or Garfield”the designer explains. “I wanted to show it on social networks, especially on Facebook and immediately it took.”

A strip of the future Brad Rock comic


Comics fans, friends, but also designers… The positive feedback is numerous. But on the editors’ side, it’s a different story. “What I would have liked was to be published in a magazine, unfortunately the press publishes less and less. I think it’s a question of means. As for publishers in France, it’s rare that sound publish strip albums”.

I had no choice. If I wanted this character to exist, I had to self-publish and the best way to self-publish is to launch crowdfunding.

Jilème, designer

And the formula paid off, well beyond the designer’s crooks. On this Wednesday, August 3, theThe project is already more than 180% funded, while the kitty runs until September 6. Jilème even received the 1uh Ulule jury prize, the crowdfunding platform supporting his project.

Better still, his character Brad Rock should appear in Spirou, the magazine of his childhood.

Listen to the radio report here.

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