Bourita highlights the role of “hyphen” of Morocco

VShe summit which will continue until July 22, at the initiative of the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA), has the participation of a large American government delegation, African ministers and decision-makers from the largest American multinationals and African business communities.

Opportunity to establish tripartite business partnerships United States-Morocco-Africa, this summit also represents an opportunity to propose the strategic positioning of Morocco, the only African country to have concluded a free trade agreement with the United States, in as a hub for Africa and a reference economic partner for the country of Uncle Sam.

On this occasion, the Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Bourita, gave a speech to government officials and African and American economic operators.

The Minister first insisted on the presence of nearly 1,000 participants, who “Reflects the importance of the partnership between Africa and the United States in the areas of investment and business, and affirms the leverage role of the private sector and development and investment agencies.”

Nasser Bourita then spoke about Moroccan-American relations, which are characterized by “their strength, their wealth and their leadership at the African level”. He also recalled that “Morocco is the first and only African country to have a free trade agreement with the United States”.

He then referred to the qualities of Africa, which “has human and natural resources enabling it to face challenges and strengthen its sovereignty in sectors of great strategic importance such as health, food security, energy and infrastructure”recalling at the same time that the continent “Has partnerships with many international actors whose success should be evaluated according to the number of concrete projects that require it and their real impact on the development process of the countries of the continent”.

Finally, Bourita insisted on the fact that the organization of this event in Morocco, “which has the confidence of its partners at the continental and international levels, is a consecration of its role as a gateway to Africa and a link with its global partners”.

This summit, opened by the minister’s speech, will be marked by the organization of high-level dialogues, plenary sessions, panels, round tables and side-events around the continent’s priorities in terms of food security, health , agriculture, energy transition, new technologies, infrastructure and integration of industrial ecosystems.

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