Boisse-Penchot. A fresco on the concrete blocks as a cry of alarm to pollution!

It is on the theme of ecology and pollution that the students of the Boisse-Penchot/Bouillac educational group reflected on their own variations, first in class with their teachers, Céline Pécassou, the director and Laura Boulanger. Then, at the drawing stage, they had the chance to be accompanied by Juliette de Montvallon, visual artist, a regular at the place since she had already come two years ago to create a comic strip with the schoolchildren.

This time, the idea was to give pretty colors to the concrete blocks, intended to serve as bleachers for jousting tournaments by the river. Colors with meaning since they had to crystallize the effects of pollution, global warming and other human activities on our natural heritage, the desert, the seas, the forest, intensive cultivation, space.

Their drafts in A 4 sheets made in class turned into a large fresco which was undertaken late Thursday afternoon, in the presence of the parents and the mayor, Francis Cayron.

An inauguration orchestrated by the schoolchildren themselves who, in turn, explained their approach, like a cry of alarm launched to the adults to save our Planet!

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