Bloody business in Tanzania by Politis

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To allow the royal family of the United Arab Emirates to hunt peacefully in the north of the country in Loliondo, the government sent, on June 8 and 10, dozens of police vehicles from the field force unit and some 700 officers . Why such a regiment? More than 70,000 Maasai have the misfortune to live for generations in this area near the famous Serengeti National Park. For several days, these nomadic populations have been demonstrating against “green colonialism”. Because, under the guise of “conservation” of nature and the creation of a safari zone, the Tanzanian government is relentlessly repressing the Maasai in order to satisfy its extremely wealthy clients, represented by the Otterlo Business Company. The firm has forged strong links with the administration for two decades.

In 2018, the East African Court of Justice had however prohibited the government from evicting the community from its ancestral land, after abuses committed at that time. But history is repeating itself: since June 8, thousands of women and men have been forced to flee to neighboring Kenya in order to obtain medical assistance. Several of them were the targets of live ammunition and others received machete blows. Those who remain in hiding are hunted down by local law enforcement, who do not hesitate to go door to door in neighboring villages to arrest survivors. Witnesses and people who shared videos and photos on social media are also wanted: a 90-year-old man was beaten by police because his son was accused of filming the shooting. The administration wishes at all costs to control what is made public and has not ceased, since these waves of violence, to communicate on the fact that no Maasai have been admitted to hospitals. According to several organizations, the Tanzanian authorities refuse to allow the national media to take up the subject.

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