Blockchain messaging – Nansen’s innovation

Filtered groups – The web3 welcomes a new messaging system that would be more efficient than Discord. The application can indeed allow cryptocurrency holders to socialize online, with increased security.

Nansen Connect: a social hub for the web3

Nansen recently unveiled its messaging app, Nansen Login. Users can log into it with their crypto wallet. They can additionally join different groups, depending on the type of cryptocurrencies and NFTs they hold.

And Nansen Connect not only leverages this information, but also transaction and on-chain data to deliver a relevant experience to its users.

Based on this data, users can see an individual’s crypto sale, or a project’s cash flow. They could also monitor the activities of an influencer and find out if the latter liquidates cryptocurrencies that interest him.

For Nansen Product Manager Paul Harwood, these features and information allow Nansen Connect users to:

“accountable to influencers and other project managers”.

Nansen therefore adds a string to his bow with this social application. The company calls it « crypto-native communication hub for web3 communities.

Nansen Connect now adds to the functionality of the platform informing the use that the best investors make of their cryptocurrencies.

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A web3 messenger to replace Discord

Nansen Connect positions itself as a better alternative to Discord. She was contributing according to Paul Harwood, ” some security vulnerabilities mitigated in the crypto ecosystem.

Messaging can indeed take advantage of its system restricting access to certain communities to only ” proven members » :

  • Nansen connect first requires a connection via a crypto wallet;
  • groups then only open their doors to members holding relevant cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

This process is supposed to make Nansen safer than Discord. It would make it harder to hack the accounts of administrators or community moderators.

This type of piracy regularly hangs the Discord image. The hijacked accounts of administrators and moderators on the messaging system allow hackers to trap cryptocurrency holders.

More specifically, hackers use these supposedly legitimate accounts, to gain the trust of their victims. They had used this process to steal the equivalent of 2.8 million dollars in NFT.

Because of these hacks, Discord has bad press with some big names in web3. The pseudo co-creator of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Gordon Goner, for example, is one of those people who criticize Discord’s security flaws:

“Discord does not work for Web3 communities. We need a better platform that puts security first.”

But despite these criticisms against Discord, companies like Samsung will still continue to use it for their web3 projects.

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