Blockchain investment: Here is the most eco-responsible chain to invest in

Millions of users use Web3 thanks to Polygon, an Ethereum scalability solution platform. The platform claims that its network has achieved carbon neutrality in a press release published on Tuesday.

The milestone was reached by definitively withdrawing 400,000 dollars from carbon credits chain ; with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 104,794 tonnes.

In April, Polygon published its Green manifestocommitting $20 million to projects using Web3 to develop new approaches to on-chain carbon credit withdrawal.

According to the developers, carbon offsetting is “exceptionally powerful” thanks to blockchain technology, since carbon credits, regardless of their volume, can now be withdrawn seamlessly. Buying carbon credits, viewing real-time market data, and accelerating the financing of high-impact carbon projects around the world are all available to entities.

Polygon ensured that every transaction – be it the mint of an NFT or a DeFi transfer – is recorded and its environmental effect is offset by balancing the emissions of the entire network.

KlimaDAO and Polygon partnership

According to Polygon, the partnership with KlimaDAO helped him achieve his goal. This DAO of entrepreneurs, technologists and environmentalists is well known for being a pioneer in the emerging on-chain carbon market. Voluntary credit markets, once secret, are now open and accessible thanks to KlimaDAO.

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The energy footprint of the network was reviewed by Klima DAO and Offset. The scope of investigation includes contracts engaging directly with the Ethereum mainnet, power consumption of staking procedures, and emissions from staking node hardware.

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