Bitstack tutorial: the application to accumulate bitcoins without thinking about it

Simple as Bitcoin – The macroeconomic and geopolitical context plunges us into a period of complex inflation. As its rate increases, prices soar, taking away the hope of being able to put a few pennies aside at the end of the month. The French application Bitstack intends to make your life easier in these times of economic scarcity. Solution to inflation, easy to use (accessible to beginners), the latter offers you a savings strategy centered on the king of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin.

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Investing in Bitcoin: child’s play with Bitstack

The rounding savings method

bit stack is an application available on smartphones. It protects you from inflation by offering to save and enhance this savings with the bitcoins it helps you accumulate. Indeed, the app allows you to set up a passive savings strategy adapted to your portfolio: rounded savings. Painless and discreet, this method saves you when you spend.

To put it simply, rounding up savings helps you put money aside, gradually, without (too) realizing it. Thus, on each of the transactions carried out on your account, Bitstack will round the expense to the euro and will save the surplus (small change) Fr Bitcoin.

For example, if you take a coffee for €2.60, Bitstack will calculate the rounding to €3, and you will automatically save the 40 cent difference in Bitcoin. It works on its own.

Set up an effective Bitcoin DCA with Bitstack

bit stack is a financial player regulated in France and registered as PSAN with the AMF. Its mobile application allows you to organize your recurring purchases of BTC according to the principle of DAC we Recurring purchases by fixed sums. An investment strategy that tends to Smooth Bitcoin Price in the long time. For example, automatically buy €25 worth of Bitcoin every week. This method therefore makes it possible to sustainably face the creation of the king of cryptocurrencies by buying it at a regular rate, without worrying about the vagaries of the market.

With a view to creating a sustainable savings and responsible exposure, Bitstack offers you to associate the DCA strategy with the rounding one. Your little money will no longer end up on your booklet A, but on Bitstack, in BTC. You can then repatriate your treasure to UN cold wallet for example, keep it at Bitstack, or sell it whenever you want with a simple click via the app.

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Simulate the valuation of your Bitcoin savings with Bitstack

During your research – which is always necessary before investing – you can try the antiaircraft simulator on the Bitstack site. We experienced this and imagined a DCA of 10 euros per week for 10 years. The results speak for themselves as you can see.

For Bitstack, it is with small nothings that we make a big whole

Create your account

Download the Bitstack app

To start your adventure bit stack first you will need download app on App Store or Google Pay.

download app

You can also download the application via the QR Code available in Bitstack website homepage. You can then start your registration.

register on the Bitstack app
Click on “register

KYC: identity verification

You will then need to make the KYC (Know Your Customer). This step is essential to be able to open your account. This is the verification of your identity. From your smartphone, launch the application and fill in your phone number then continue. You will then receive a code by text which you will need to enter in the space provided:

First step of KYC
Provide your phone number

Next, enter your email address as well as the password that you will then use for the application. Be careful, this password is the guarantor of the security of your savings, choose it carefully. Once you have also added your address, your name, surname and your profession, you will have to confirm “the assumptions” that the application deduces about you:

Confirm assumptions
Click on “I confirm” if the assumptions are correct.

You will then have to meet the latest KYC requirements: register the front and back of your ID card as well as a facial and voice recognition through the camera of your smartphone.

Account Setup Confirmation
Confirmation of the end of KYC

Your KYC is now complete. You must now wait for it to be processed. As far as we are concerned, after only a few hours of waiting, we received the email confirmation.

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Get started with Bitstack for bitcoin accumulator

Registering your bank card

To pay register your payment card on the application, you will need to go to your account from the home screen. Once the credit card has been accepted, you can do everything from this space.

Payment card registration
Go to your account in order to know the latest elements allowing you to create your savings

Thereafter, go to the inset “payment method», fill in the requested information concerning your credit card and validate.

Your credit card is now registered.

Features of the Bitstack app

Buy Bitcoin

Now that you have registered your credit card, you can test one of the first services offered by Bitstack, namely: buy bitcoin. To do this, go to the wallet, the main page of the application.

Buy Bitcoin
Click on “buy” to acquire your first satoshis on Bitstack

Then enter the amount you want to invest and continue. fulfill the transaction confirmation requirements requested by your bank.

Put the amount you want to buy
Enter the amount you wish to invest.

So ! You have your first satoshis on Bitstack, the first stone in the building of your savings. Note that for any transaction and any order, the application will charge you 1.99% in fees.

Introduce rounded savings

To use the various services offered by the Bitstack application and in particular rounding savings, you will need register your bank account in order to link it to the application. To do this, go to rounding source (the insert just below the payment methods). You can also join this space from the “rounded” insert of your portfolio, on the home page of your application. Read the guidelines, instructions and other advice carefully, then continue.

To make savings in rounding
Enable rounding to create your savings

Then select a rounding multiplier. This is where you can choose to save the rounding amount only once, or choose the multiplier up to ten times. Then follow the instructions to link the app to your bank account.

Choose the multiplier according to your strategy

Throughout each week, roundings are calculated on all transactions made on the connected bank account(s). In effect, bit stack calculates rounding for each payment, whether by credit card, check or SEPA transfer. The following Monday, Bitstack charges the bank card associated with the amount of the sum of the roundings calculated throughout the week, then converts them into Bitcoins.

The application uses the services of the company Tink to connect to your bank.


Your account is now configured to create your savings. Also you can quietly buy your satoshis each week thanks to the savings of your rounds of the previous week. Good to know, it is possible tocancel rounding savings at any time.

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Setting up a DCA on Bitcoin with Bitstack

To establish a DAC you will need to set up purchases from the main page of the application. Go to the recurring insert.

Setting up a DCA on Bitcoin
Click on recurring to set up a Bitcoin buy strategy

Next, select the purchase frequency that suits your wallet. By doing so, you will be deducted according to the defined rate in order to build your savings by accumulating your first portions of Bitcoin. There is a choice between 3 frequencies sampling: every week, every two weeks, or once a month.

Keep in mind that the objective of this strategy is to sustainably hold the savings for effectively smooth the price of BTC that you will buy.

Select the frequency of your recurring purchase.

Now add the amount of euros you want to invest according to the rhythm you have chosen. We have, for example, chosen to invest in DCA 25 euros per month on Bitcoin.

set up a recurring purchase in BTC
You can also enter the amount of your savings with the keyboard

And that’s it, your savings strategy is ready, it’s over. Admit it, it was easy as pie.

So we can then click on continue

Your recurring purchase appears on your main page, a real dashboard from which you control all the parameters.

Easy to use, Bitstack allows both beginners and experienced investors to buy their first satoshis with confidence and security. In doing so, the French company helps its customers save and value this savings. You are no longer doomed to leave your money in a passbook that will earn you a few small percentages of interest at the end of the year. Here you can build yourself a real solid and sustainable investment strategy, backed by the most fundamental of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin.

Save in cryptos without fear of price fluctuations. To buy Bitcoin without even realizing it, and in complete safety, Register on Bitstack… and earn 5€ of BTC for free thanks to the code JDC5 by launching your first strategy (commercial link)!

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