bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency, has lost 53% of its value


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In just six months, the value of bitcoin plummeted from over 40,000 euros to less than 20,000 euros. This represents a blow for investors.

Bitcoin has lost 53% of its value. This currency, which had become a financial investment, collapsed in a few weeks, falling from 41,900 euros in January 2022 to 19,500 euros in June. “Now, with cryptocurrencies, you have to be careful (…) we invest the money we have, which we earn by working and we can lose everything all of a sudden”, warns Clément Vannier, cryptocurrency investor. Katy Perry, Lionel Messi or Elon Musk had invested in these currencies. El Salvador makes it its official currency.

“We can imagine that here, we are witnessing the explosion of a bubble of cryptos, which would perhaps make it possible to sort out between solid and serious projects and those which are much less so”, analyzes Nicolas Dufrêne, economist, director of the Rousseau Institute. In France, 8% of the population have bought cryptocurrency at least once.

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