Bitcoin: Swiss Post will offer BTC to its customers in 2024

Bitcoin goes like a letter in the post – Postal services, like USPS in the United Statesis described by the opportunities that could be offered by non-fungible tokens (NFT) in terms of postage stamps and logistics tracking. Fr Swissit is rather the king of cryptos, Bitcoin (BTC), who is interested PostFinance – the Swiss equivalent of our French postal bank.

Customers of the Swiss postal bank fond of cryptos

Since 2021, more and more banking institutions have started to offer Bitcoin to its customers. With our neighbors swissit is the banking branch of the postal services which opens up even more to crypto-assets.

As an article from points out, PostFinance one already one OK in progress with the banking group Swissquoteto operate their common application called “Uh”. The latter already allows the investment and exchange of cryptocurrencies. But Postfinance now wants go a lot longer with Bitcoin and its ilk, and for good reason:

“Our customers want direct access to this market [des crypto-actifs] through their usual bank. Given the increasing institutionalization [des cryptos] over the past 18 months, it seems like the perfect time to enter the market. »

Sandra Lienhart, Head of Retail Banking at PostFinance

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Bitcoin directly to PostFinance account by 2024

The Swiss Postal Bank therefore now wants to move up a gear with digital assets and satisfy its customers by offering them trade and of keep cryptos that are 100% clean to Postfinance, and this quickly, since these services are to be available ” at the latest “ from the start 2024.

PostFinance seems to be among those who think that acceptance by crypto bank will facilitate themass adoption of these.

This will allow the passage, accept it, to stabilizer more this new form of digital currency which, for the moment, is still experiencing a strong consent, for lack of proper supervision of its exchanges. This facilitates market manipulation.

In any case, the Swiss institutional players seem very confident on the next standardization of this new asset class led by Bitcoin. With their 482 billion Swiss francs under management (488 billion euros), the major asset managers of the Julius Baer Group wish, they too, to embrace the cryptosphere.

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