Bitcoin soon to be adopted in Colombia? The new president must think about it

Bitcoin, inevitable? – The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukelewas an inspiration in succeeding in make the banks pinch against Bitcoin (BTC), which has become legal tender in the country. And the newly elected president of Colombia, Gustavo Petroit is already showed interest by the crypto-ideas of his Salvadoran counterpart.

Colombia’s new president has been into crypto since 2017 (at least)

This Sunday, June 19, 2022, Gustavo Petro won by a narrow margin (50.44%) the presidential election in Colombia. He will take office on August 7, and will replace Iván Duque Márquez at the head of the South American country.

Gustavo Petro is not totally unknown to the cryptosphere, as he has hinted at Bitcoin and cryptos before during his politics, and quite positively. Already in December 2017on top of the previous running of the bulls of bitcoin, it seemed to have a good knowledge crypto-assets and their potential:

“Bitcoin removes the power of issuance from states and the seigniorage of currency from banks. It is a community currency that relies on the trust of those who transact with it. As it is blockchain-based, trust is measured and grows, hence its strength. »

Twitter account @petrogustavo

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Will Colombia replace drug trafficking with BTC mining?

More recently in October 2021and always on his son account Twitter, Gustavo Petro had reacted very positively to Salvadoran President Bukele’s wish touse the energy of volcanoes to mine bitcoins.

The then senator Petro had thus promoted that Colombia should do the same with its rich potential forhydroelectric energies. Bitcoin and its mining were even seen by the senator (and now president) as a financial incentive force for fight against cocaine trafficking.

“What if the Pacific coast [de Colombie] took advantage of the steep rivers of the western cordillera to exploit all the energy of the coast, and replace cocaine with the energy of cryptocurrencies? Digital currency is pure information and therefore energy. »

The President of Colombia has fully understood the advantages of crypto-mining.
Twitter account @petrogustavo

Even before the present election of Gustavo Petro, Colombia was among the South American countries with the greatest adoption of Bitcoin. Its regulatory framework on cryptocurrencies is also one of the most advanced in the area. With the election of Gustavo Petro, cryptos should logically continue to conquer Colombia.

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