Bitcoin: Samsung intends to revolutionize mining

Flea in the ear – As you know, minors of bitcoins deploy super-powerful machines and put their computing power at the service of the network. Thus, miners help preserve the blockchain and are paid in bitcoins in return. As the mining industry has become more professional, competition has also intensified. Several technological revolutions have already taken place on the mining side (GPU, ASIC), improving yields each time. South Korean tech giant Samsung has just announced the development of a level microprocessor, which looks very promising for miners.

The microprocessor, the nerve of the bitcoin mining war

The l-chain disruptionogistics following covid has highlighted (for a greater number of people) the global issues related to the production of microprocessors. While society in general digitize, processors are becoming an increasingly popular commodity. Previously used in computers, these electronic components are now everywhere: cars, connected vacuum cleaners, connected dog bowls…

The production line has been under tension for years. This also causes bad neighborly relations between the communities of gamers and cryptophiles. Indeed, the crypto sector is particularly energy-intensivein particular blockchains working with the proof-of-work consensus (proof of work), like bitcoin.

Global demand is such that it drives innovation, as demonstratedand Samsung. The firm wishes to compete with the Taiwanese giant of the sector TSMC which notably supplies Apple. In a very specific but: to take market share from it.

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Chip reduction, performance increase

Samsung just revealed the first generation of nanoprocessors of 3 nanometers. A real technological feat, which will improve the performance of the machines and optimize their electricity consumption.

Compared to its 5 nanometer big brother, the new chip (16%) arrives to make it look old! According to the company, it:

  • Reduced consumption up to 45% ;
  • to improve the performance of 23% ;
  • is 16% more petite.

The second generation of 3 nanometer chips are already on the horizon, with even better performance according to Samsung. Enough to delight the miners seeking better use of energy for better returns on investment. Provided there is a car not everyone can win in a non-zero sum game.

As true as ASICs have changed the face of industrial mining, the latest tech gem from Samsung factories promises to boost the industry too. This will eventually relieve some operators such as those texan miners for example. The fact that production is already integrated is also a good signal for companies that exploit this technology, i.e. the entire planet, not just Bitcoin miners.

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