Bitcoin on June 17, 2022 – Dismal rest before the weekend

A bit of respite – The price of Bitcoin (BTC) stays around $20,000. Floor price discounts below this level multiply.

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Bitcoin price: ultimate barrage at $14,000

Bitcoin price drops to around $20,250 on Bitfinex today, June 17, 2022. Cryptocurrency trades at $20,529 at the time of writing this article. The markets are currently entitled to a doji.

The $20,000 thus continues to hold. Markets are still searching for the bottom, after a capitulation whose speed apparently surprised some analysts and traders.

Analyst Venturefounder, for example, expected the $20,000 capitulation to take longer. However, he cites the economic factors explaining relatively high speed of this fall:

  • liquidation of shares;
  • quantitative tightening;
  • the difficulties encountered as crypto players Three Arrows Capital “shed their assets”.

Considering these factors, Venturefounder has shared its short-term discounts for Bitcoin price.

The $20,000 would now be, according to the analyst, the new $30,000 “worst-case scenario”. For Venturefounder, less than $14,000 further constituting the “most bearish downside target” for Bitcoin price.

Publication by Venturefounder – Source: Twitter

And while the price of the cryptocurrency might fall below that level, it wouldn’t stay there “for a significant period of time.”

And more key media to watch

The Whalemap analyst has identified major support areas, looking at areas of high whale concentration. Bitcoin price would benefit from a $19,000, $16,000 and $14,000 support.

Bitcoin price: key supports formed by BTC whales
Publication of Whalemap – Source: Twitter

Whalemap and Venturefounder therefore agree on the existence of an important support zone at $14,000.

But despite the prevailing strong bearish backdrop, some traders are still attempting hoped-for bulls.

Crypto trader Ed thus expects a winning back the $23,000 in the next few days. He forecasts a decline in the US dollar (DXY), a drop that should give risk assets a break.

Respite with recovery from $23,000 for Bitcoin
Publication of Crypto Ed – Source: Twitter

The support levels that can finally stop the current hemorrhage on the markets are becoming clearer. While waiting for the final decline, traders can console themselves by repeating that a real bullish recovery is conditioned by yet another fall.

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