Bitcoin Miners Face A Dilemma To Succeed CryptoBlog

This is an opinion editorial by Bob Burnett, founder and CEO of Barefoot Mining.

It would be fair to say that I entered the world of bitcoin mining through the backdoor. Prior to 2017, I had limited exposure to Bitcoin. That changed when I was approached by an acquaintance who needed access to a large volume of Ethereum mining equipment. Since I had spent the majority of my 30 year career in the personal computing industry, he hoped that I would be able to exploit my network to access the scarce GPUs needed and to design an enterprise class server for the hosts. . My team and I were able to do this, which was the catalyst for the creation of Barefoot Mining, the company I run now. (Note to all Bitcoiners: We quickly focused on Bitcoin only and became Bitfury’s US distributor.)

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