Bitcoin (BTC) will lose 80% of its value according to analyst PlanB

In a few months, the value of bitcoin (BTC) could fall further. This time, the decline in its value could last for several months. This was predicted by the analyst PlanB in an interview he conducted with a YouTube channel dedicated to investment issues and the evolution of the financial market.

A drop in value of almost 80%

PlanB believes that in the next few months bitcoin (BTC) will lose value. According to his predictions, it would lose nearly 80% of its value, over a long period of time. To justify himself, the analyst highlighted a few signals that he believes make believe that the cryptocurrency will eventually venture deep into bearish territory.

First of all, I’m one of the few who thinks there will be an upcoming bear market, a crash like we’ve seen a few times before. Many are saying right now that the four-year cycle is over and we won’t have that kind of volatility and deep bear markets anymore, but that’s not true. said PlanB during the interview.

He goes on to say: I think we’ll have these bear markets […] A few months ago, when China abandoned the miningbitcoin, we had a drop of 50% or more. Based on this observation, the professional thinks that the next drop would be around 80%.

A new ban could come

When will bitcoin (BTC) fall in value? According to PlanB, it would come true when you least expect it. It is likely to occur after the cryptocurrency hits the price targets of its S2F and S2FX models. According to PlanB’s explanations, the S2FX model studies the phase transitions of BTC in order to determine its value. As for the first model, the S2F, the price of BTC is predicted by dividing the existing supply by the new supply that enters the market every year.

I think we will go high enough, at least to reach the values ​​of the modelstock-flowof $100,000 and $288,000. However, after that, we will go back down to 80%“, hammered the analyst during the interview. In his predictions, he did not stop at this information. He also added that “something awfulwould happen. “A other ban from china or india or other will break the rhythm of asset. Everyone will be afraid again and fear will set in. »

Predictions are not good about the future of bitcoin (BTC). Indeed, according to analyst PlanB, the chances of a bearish trend on the horizon are high. This situation would occur within a few months and, again according to the analyst, the decline would be around 80%. But before that happens, a new ban would hit cryptocurrency users, says PlanB.

Source: The Daily Hodl

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