Bitcoin (BTC) bullish: US senator confesses

What is the probability that bitcoin (BTC) will one day dominate the world? The crypto markets represent and bitcoin is gaining more and more sympathizers. After the surprise of Warren Buffett who owns shares in banks operating in the crypto sector, another American personality surprises the cryptosphere. Neither more nor less than Senator Cynthia Lummis…

When bitcoin enters the US Congress

Bitcoin is the number one enemy of the US Congress. For several months, its members have been constantly looking for methods to eradicate it. However, despite their repeated attempts and accusations, BTC appears to be on track for highs.

Although the main crypto lost nearly 70% of its value during the crypto winter, the current rally is putting the indicators back to green. If we already know that many personalities have provided the main cryptocurrency, the exit of the senator of the State of Wyoming, Cynthia Lummis, surprises more than one.

Indeed, she confess being a HODLer and thinking that bitcoin is turning out to be an uptrend. His pro-crypto fervor could sow doubt among his supporters. While some believe it does so to support financial innovation, others are inclined to believe it does so solely for selfish reasons.

Indeed, the senator bought her first cryptos in 2013, but she does not become the “Crypto Queen” until 2020. Moreover, her initiative comes at the time when she is elected United States Senator. So coincidence or strategic choice?

Lummis, for a massive adoption of cryptocurrencies?

The explosion of cryptocurrencies has cast a new light on this sector. Although promising, cryptos will be scared at first since the concept was completely unknown. Today, more than a decade after digital assets were created, members of the US Congress are still dwelling on the uncertainty of bitcoin and other assets to boycott them.

Given the Democrats’ stance on BTC, Senator Lummis’ bill is thought-provoking. According to the latter, she wants to introduce the technology to her older colleagues. Therefore, everyone should be able to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Thus, Cynthia Lummis believes that her project will define the category of digital assets as well as the agency that should regulate them. His pro-crypto craze is certainly a way of calling people to invest in digital assets.

However, regulation would be welcome to protect the public from fraudulent projects. We see in her words that she knows what she is talking about and that she already has her own idea to achieve her goals.

The position of Senator Lummis in relation to bitcoin even doubts in people’s minds. Although investors are happy with this news, some people remain skeptical. What is its interest, does it really do it for financial innovation or simply to boost an industry it supports? Be that as it may, she assumes her status as HODLer and talk about it freely.

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