Bitcoin (BTC): A first line of defense for freedom

In the United States, Memorial Day is much more than a federal holiday. It is a day meant to commemorate those who have fallen in the service of the country. The American army, the last line of defense of freedom, protects the constitution against all enemies. Both foreign and national. Bitcoin, on the other hand, can represent a first line of defense for freedom. Besides the fact that it is a safe haven against currency devaluation, it also serves as a protection against tyranny.

Bitcoin America Team honors those who have fallen in service to the country

Holding bitcoin: holding the keys to freedom

Much like maintaining heavy freedom, owning bitcoin represents a responsibility. On Memorial Day, all banks upon requesting competent customers to hold their property are closed. This prevents any access to what they allow. In contrast, bitcoin trades 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, on a reliable network.

Bitcoin transactions do not need banks or financial intermediaries. They pass directly from one individual to another.

Payment processing is not performed by a regulated company such as Visa or Mastercard, but by a decentralized global software network. The storage, instead of being managed by a bank, is in the hands of the users themselves.

Entrusting the money to banks and investment accounts, losing all power over it. It becomes the possession of banks and custodians. This is a manifestation of the power of Western nations.

Bitcoin: an instrument for the protection of human rights

First of all, bitcoin was able to conquer famous billionaires from America. Then, unknowingly, people buying bitcoin are reinforcing an instrument of human rights protection.

This form of e-money protects users from censorship, borders, seizures, authorizations, etc.

bitcoin wards off many forms of violence since it cannot be taken from the population on a large scale. It may even be the largest peaceful protest in human history. It’s a great way to preserve freedom. While restoring the loss of freedom often requires violence, buying bitcoins is an option for peace.

From anarcho-capitalists to communists, bitcoin supports all political views and leanings. It is an entirely voluntary censorship-resistant e-money system. It is a tool that does not discriminate and does not care about the origin and belief of everyone.


Bitcoin can often be seen as a mere tool for financial speculation. However, for millions around the world, it acts as a refuge from tyranny. Each purchase of bitcoins is equivalent to a vote for the future. Buying and holding bitcoins is like taking back your self-sovereignty. It is a monetary standard that can eliminate the problems of division of a country. Moving away from tyranny, adopting bitcoin is a step towards a better future.

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