Bitcoin and Ethereum: a winning investment for the future?

Bet on a multi-channel futures – Try to imagine what the ecosystem of the cryptocurrency in 10 years is clearly the great game of recent years. Invest now in what tomorrow will become the blockchain giants, will make you a visionary and incidentally rather wealthy man or woman. So it’s time to take the Paris ! Bitcoin alone on stage? Ethereum in power? All-in on a Ethereum Killer randomly ? As part of his weekly podcast, Marco Castrovilli – Cointelegraph media – welcomes the successful trader and podcaster Scott Melker who gives us his vision of thecoming. Paper, pencil, take notes!

Cryptocurrency in the long-term portfolio of a professional trader

Marco Castrovilli receives in his program different actors from the cryptocurrency sector to update them on their news. From time to time, he also invites traders to discuss investments, charts and an overview of major projects. Finally his YouTube channel looks a bit like that of our dear Sami who also interviews cryptocurrency personalities for the Journal du Coin, all in several languages.

In his latest show, he receives the successful trader and the famous podcaster Scott Melker. Followed by 820,000 people on Twitter and 118,000 on YouTube, it’s clearly a influencer pertinent. baptized The wolf of all the streets well thought out nickname – he distills analyses, remarks and comments without giving investment advice of course. In an open conversation about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news, he ends up giving the composition of its long-term portfolio.

It begins with a small step back: a year ago, only 15% of its investments were in crypto and the rest was split between stocks, precious metals, real estate and bonds. But the economic situation led it to strengthen its position and it now owns nearly 60% in cryptocurrency. Here is the breakdown: 60% in Bitcoin, 30% in Ethereum and 10% for the rest.

Profile of Scott Melker – Source: Twitter

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NFT, DeFi, gaming: everyone has their own layer 1 in a multichain future

It is not really worth repeating his explanations on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Of course, he sees these giants dominating the market in the future. He is even considering an ETH of up to $40,000 after The Merge!

“Nothing is going to replace Ethereum. I think it’s here to stay. It is a very important asset that everyone should be exposed to.”

But back to that remaining 10%. They consist of several small corners won here and there and kept ” in case “. But above all, he recently decided to expose himself a little more to the different layers 1 existing. Here is the explanation: for Scott, when themass adoption will happen, no system alone will be able to support the generated traffic. There will be need for multiple blockchains to function and rather projects around interoperability but not only. It projects itself into an environment where there would be, for example, a blockchain for DeFi, one for gaming and one for NFT.

Of course, there are currently a lot of projects that fits this description. He therefore advises to choose two or three and invest in them. Examples include Solana, Avalanche, Cardano, Elrond, Polkadot and Cosmos – who has his preference – and why not Near or Algorand. To explain his reasoning, he takes the example of the valuation of bored monkey who ” benefits all ETH holders and not just the holders of these NFTs “. He ends on this idea by saying that “ many current small projects will end up at zero, which is why it is rather relevant to invest in the infrastructure blockchains that support them “.

Of course, this is not investment advice. We are from simple observers of a constantly changing ecosystem and we simply imagine one of the possible futures. No crystal ball at our premises or those of Scott Melker. Right, the whole market could disappear one fine morning and Bitcoin preserve the dream of a handful of visionaries. Face, you pay your coffee rounds to your co-workers in cryptocurrency in metaverses. The piece is produced…

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