Bitcoin 461 times announced dead in the media

While Bitcoin has created controversy since its inception, the digital asset has unleashed passions about its future, both positive and negative.

Throughout its history, Bitcoin has faced multiple negative campaigns against it and received a slew of criticism. Indeed, its very existence is disputed by many financial authorities around the world, due to its characteristics and what it offers to people. The very essence of this cryptocurrency can come into opposition with the control that certain authorities have internationally, or certain powers that have determined the current world economic order.

As a result, social media, sometimes under the influence of external authority, was no exception and also criticized the asset relentlessly for some.

Thus, to date, Bitcoin has been declared dead by the media 461 times with the last mention dating back to July 3, through an article associating Bitcoin and Ponzi in the same sentence.

Source: 99 bitcoin

Bitcoin accused of all evils

Throughout its history, BTC has been labeled as all kinds and has been repeatedly associated with the terms “scams” or “ponzi”, among others. From its inception, the reviews have been harsh, and the phenomena are accentuated with the increasing growth of the digital asset. Several endings have been mentioned for Bitcoin, especially during the 2018 bear market, when the media announced a return to $0 for BTC.

Accused of all evil, Bitcoin has been repeatedly called the biggest scam in financial history, or even the biggest Ponzi scheme. Regardless of the cycle, bullish or bearish, the phenomenon has repeated itself year after year. Even in 2021, the year of BTC’s two ATHs, these criticisms were presented.

dead bitcoin
Source: 99 bitcoin

Moreover, Bitcoin has seen very little respite over time, since even though criticism has accompanied the asset since its inception, even the phases of bull cycles have not escaped these stormy headlines in the media. Indeed, we notice on this graph that many articles were published even though Bitcoin managed to reach $60,000 twice (this in April and November 2021).

If we refer to the first graph which shows the articles announced the death of Bitcoin over the entire history of the asset, we can observe that these have also been presented during each bullish cycle.

Regardless of the vagaries of BTC and the evolution of its price, the media announce the death of the asset therefore seem well on their way to accompanying it at any time and at any price, even with the gradual adoption cryptocurrencies.

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