Biotechnology allows us to provide highly qualitative materials

Luxury, like other sectors, has been moving for several years towards more virtuous, ethical and environmental solutions. We can for example cite the partnerships between Burberry and Elvis & Kresse for the reprocessing of leather scraps, Stella McCartney and Parley for the Oceans for the use of recycled polyester from plastic recovered from the oceans or the use of fur synthetic as an eco-responsible substitute for animal fur.

Regarding laboratory leather, reports from the Material Innovation Initiative show strong interest in this material. According to a study conducted last year by this organization, 55% of American consumers said they prefer leather substitutes to animal leather. Among them, 69% indicated that they were willing to pay more for alternatives to leather. For respondents who prefer animal leather, 80% said they were open to buying leather grown from cells in a factory while 37% were happy to buy such an option.


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