big bang in preparation on the euro funds of Suravenir

What exactly happens at Suravenir? The star fund in euros of online life insurance, Suravenir Opportunits, will soon be closed, as announced by a broker, confirming what was hitherto a nagging rumour. According to our information, the insurer is preparing a second generation of its two euro funds dedicated to online brokers and banks.

Well, it’s over. This Monday, January 10, clients of the broker Linxea – at least those who hold a Linxea Avenir contract there – received a news flash that looked like bad news. The insurer informs us that from April 1, 2022, its Suravenir Opportunits euro fund will no longer be accessible. You will therefore only have access to the Suravenir Rendement fund in euros. Linxea invites its clients to take advantage of the coming weeks to bet on Suravenir Opportunits, a diversified fund posting a return of 2% net of management fees in 2020, and which still peaked at 2.80% in 2018. In short: take advantage of the windfall before the fund is no longer accessible. Because this attractive euro fund – currently accessible on the condition of investing half of a payment in units of account – will not be extinguished, but its advantageous remuneration will be reserved for those who have invested money in it before April 1. 2022.

The closure of access to the Suravenir Opportunits fund is a real blow for the holders of web-based life insurance contracts managed by Suravenir, including Linxea Avenir, but also Fortuneo Vie, Digital Vie (Altaprofits), Meilleurtaux Placement Vie, and Power Avenir. , etc

The main online contracts managed by Suravenir

Why? And for which replacement funds?

This broker’s announcement is limited to the closure of this fund in euros on April 1, 2022. But why? And after? Despite multiple requests from MoneyVox, which got wind of this big bang to come for Suravenir’s web contracts, the insurer maintains its radio silence, sending back a future communication.

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However, according to our information, those of (see the tweet below) or those that have filtered through the MoneyVox forum, Suravenir will not limit itself to closing funds. The insurer subsidiary of the Crdit Mutuel Arka group is preparing a second version of its two web funds: a Suravenir Rendement 2 fund and a Suravenir Opportunits 2 fund.

According to an internal document that we were able to obtain, given the economic and regulatory context, Suravenir took the decision to close the Suravenir Opportunites and Suravenir Rendement euro funds to entries and to Simultaneously launch the Suravenir Opportunits 2 and Suravenir Rendement 2 funds, at the end of March 2022. The two new funds will switch to guarantee gross of annual fees, which means that an annual return can be negative, the insurer being able to collect fees on the savings while serving a return of zero. And the costs will be moving on Suravenir Opportunits 2: they can climb from 0.60% to 3%, a largesse which should above all allow the insurer to take more risks in its investments. On the other hand, on Suravenir Rendement 2, the costs will remain fixed at 0.6% in gross guarantee.

A precedent at Spirica

This big bang is not a first. In 2016, another web insurer, Spirica, closed access to its diversified funds – the most profitable – to create a second version. Objective: to prevent the savings of historical policyholders from being drowned by the arrival of new customers. Since then, Spirica has launched an even deeper revolution in its euro funds in 2020.

Suravenir, which manages approximately 10 billion euros in outstanding life insurance marketed on the internet, should explain its new strategy concerning funds in euros in the coming weeks… or months.

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