Become a player in digital transformation thanks to the emlyon business school Specialized Masters

Digital has completely changed the way businesses have not worked. It involves many changes within an organization, which leaders sometimes struggle to implement. For this reason, they are looking for competent employees capable of leading these transformations. This is where emlyon business school’s Specialized Master in Digital Transformation, Marketing & Strategy comes in. It aims to train students to become key players in the digitalization of societies. The training is labeled by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, which recognizes prestigious schools.


Training to understand digital transformation

The health crisis has been the vector of a profound change in the relationship of companies to digital. A 2020 study by cloud communications software maker Twilio reveals that the pandemic has tied businesses six years down the road to digitalization. This is explained in particular by a price of conscience of the advantages offered by digital tools such as the cloud or the blockchain.

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For these reasons, the organizations wish to continue this process which is already well underway. To do this, they want to surround themselves with profiles who master the workings of digital marketing, data and new technologies. This is the objective of the Specialized Master in Digital Transformation, Marketing & Strategy at emlyon business school: to train versatile profiles, capable of meeting the challenges of inbound marketing, CSR, growth hacking, artificial intelligence or even automation.

These are elements that are part of the digital transformation of today’s and tomorrow’s companies. The program aims to help students build skills on these topics in order to access positions in marketing, consulting and expertise or trade.

As digital transformation is effective in many areas, participants could work in various sectors such as industry, auditing, information and communication technology (ICT), finance and insurance, commerce or culture again.


A complete program to become a processor

The emlyon business school Specialized Master takes place over thirteen months, including six months of professional assignment. It allows you to put into practice the skills acquired during the training, which are varied. Indeed, the course is composed of several modules. Among them, the fundamentals of management accessible, before the master’s degree to prepare well for the lessons. They evoke economics, finance, accounting, marketing and CSR. The objective is to help students understand the ongoing changes and emerging issues.

Between September and March, participants will have the chance to acquire skills in digital strategy, and learn how to lead a digital transformation project. They could also train on the subjects of their choice, such as HR and digital, e-commerce and design thinking. The period from April to December, which takes place in the company, is devoted to the professional thesis.

It should therefore be said that the Specialized Master in Digital Transformation, Marketing & Strategy at emlyon business school is an opportunity to achieve fulfillment with subjects that will be part of the future development strategies of large companies. Among the main recruiters of the training: BMW, BNP Paribas, Carrefour, LVMH, Amazon or Danone.


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