Bank Assafa launches marketing of Takaful insurance products

Bank Assafa, in partnership with Wafa Takaful, launched, on Tuesday in Casablanca, the marketing of Takaful insurance products, an insurance fully in line with the opinions of the Superior Council of Ulemas.

Thus, Bank Assafa continues to innovate and work to complete the range of its participatory products in parallel with the completeness of the ecosystem of participatory finance in Morocco. The objective is to be able to best meet the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele.

A 100% subsidiary of Attijariwafa Bank, the leading banking and financial group in Morocco, Bank Assafa has launched Takaful insurance, a complementary Murabaha product in its two variants with its insurer Wafa Takaful, a subsidiary of Wafa Assurance, Attijariwafa Bank and Al mada.

Takaful insurance is based on the pooling of a takaful fund made up of several people (participants). This fund will be used to insure these same people against potential risks that may affect them, to cover them against different types of damage (physical or material) that they may suffer.

Thus, “Assafa Takaful Ousra”, is the first product of this type marketed by Bank Assafa. This is a participatory insurance contract in accordance with the opinions of the Superior Council of Ulemas, which guarantees the payment of a capital death or absolute and definitive disability to cover the Murabaha financing.

The second product “Assafa Takaful Dari” constitutes an insurance intended for customers who have benefited from Murabaha real estate financing and makes it possible to cover the financed property against the following risks: Fires and explosions, Water damage and Glass breakage.

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