Ayem Nour: His new business will get people talking!

After the birth of her son Ayvin in 2016, the Ayem Nour bomb has not only had easy times. And for good reason, it took her a very long time to feel good about herself, and to regain her pre-pregnancy figure. But she finally reached her goal a few months ago, after several months of dieting keto. Shortly after, she decided to retire from reality TV and influencers, although she remains very present on social networks.

Ayem Nour: A project linked to his new way of life!

If the beautiful brunette no longer gets involved in controversy on the web, she still wanted to respond when her name was mentioned in the Dubai Porta Potty affair. Remember, she replied: “Uh, I think I missed another episode of my life on social networks. But happy to learn more things about me… Just for information… There is no stupid job, but I’ve never practiced in this field. If that had been the case, I would already be a multi-millionaire and certainly not responding to your bullshit…”.

Ayem’s new project © Instagram @ayemnour

And while rumor has it that she is now in a relationship with the singer, and ex of actress Adèle Extrachopoulos, Sooliking, Ayem Nour is about to launch a new project. “Coming soon. Can’t wait to introduce you to my line of herbal supplements…I’m Keto.” You will therefore have understood it, a few weeks after having finished the shooting of her first film, in which she will play the role of a nurse, Ayem Nour will continue in her scope and will unveil a project far from the world of people. But then, will this project be unanimous on the side of Internet users? We can not wait to see it ! At NextPlz, we find Ayem’s project rather nice…

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