Avalanche and EvidenZ Collaborate to Bring Blockchain into Academia

EvidenZ, thanks to its decentralized application BCdiploma, allows large schools and universities to certify their diplomas directly on the Blockchain. The company has already issued 14,500 certificates on Avalanche (AVAX) for the University of Lille, the largest university in France. It is in this context that the start-up signed a partnership to increase the adoption of EvidenZ and Avalanche around the world.

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Avalanche: A technology of excellence

Avalanche, whose founder was interviewed by the Journal du Coin team, is not just a blockchain whose upward trend has accelerated in recent months. It’s also a great playground for developers from all walks of life. After all, blockchain isn’t just a sprint to the biggest TVL (Total Value Locked). It is also a marathon focused on innovation, and some are dedicated to transforming our future.

Avalanche is a famous blockchain layer 1 protocol

With transaction times of less than 2 seconds, Avalanche is extremely fast. She is respectful of the environment (proof of participation), decentralized thanks to thousands of validators, inexpensive. Your beloved Journal Du Coin team has also launched its own validation node for the Avalanche network: NodeID-DircSAEQ2VMVNTDqyc8fdTFDDaWdAm5re

An ecosystem in full swing

Since its launch in September 2020, Avalanche has been one of the fastest growing organic crypto ecosystems. It now has more than 350 projects built on the platform. Especially leading DeFi projects like Aave, Curve, BENQi, Sushi and Chainlink. But also applications for leaders in culture and sport with Topps and Andretti Autosport.

Proof joins this incredible list of projects deployed on Avalanche, with their data certification technology, which is today the most deployed in the world of higher education with 120 prestigious institutions around the world.

The Avalanche network has already attracted many projects from DeFi or the NFT universe.  Evidenz completes the picture with its unique certification solution
EvidenZ joins the many projects of the Avalanche ecosystem

As on Ethereum, Avalanche makes it possible to build and deploy decentralized applications. Commonly known as dApps, they target areas as varied as the NFTs or DeFi.

BCDiploma, EvidenZ’s Dapp, allows for the creation of certificates by a client. The diplomas thus generated are tamper-proof and stored for life on the blockchain.. They remain accessible with a link that can be shared directly on LinkedIn. Schools and students retain control of their degree with their unique cryptographic key. The operating costs require the native token $ BCDT, part of which is burned each time a new document is created.

EvidenZ x Avalanche: A partnership to increase mass adoption

EvidenZ offers its attestation certification service to numerous institutions around the world. The company plays on its strength which is power store 100% of the data on the blockchain. It is important here to recall the relevance of the decentralization, the immutability and the security of the blockchain in these areas, unlike many competing centralized solutions.

The blockchain is a perfect medium for hosting and securing a certification and diploma authenticity project such as EvidenZ
Safety is a major asset of the EvidenZ project

This is why the French start-up EvidenZ is now joining forces with Avalanche. The idea here is to bring a concrete use case to the academic world. Already having strong connections in the largest universities on the planet and supplier of TOIEC dematerialized certificates on a global scale, this collaboration between EvidenZ and Avalanche is part of a process of organic growth of the protocol with actors who aim to keep the solution for the long term.

It is in this context that EvidenZ is strengthening its strategy with the introduction of the $ BCDT token on the Avalanche blockchain. Indeed, EvidenZ now provides liquidity on the network through the now famous DEX Trader JoeXYZ.

EvidenZ is definitely a separate project in the crypto universe. Backed by Microsoft since its inception, the impressive list of prestigious schools and universities that have joined EvidenZ are vibrant proof of the project’s enormous potential. A nice concrete case of the use of blockchain in real life, strengthened today by a major partnership with Avalanche blockchain technology.

If you missed the $ BCDT token, have no fear, everything is explained here. And if you have any questions, feel free to join the team and the community on Twitter and Telegram in French.

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