DDB Paris for Honda Moto France – “Gold Wing”

DDB Paris for Honda Moto France – “Gold Wing”

“Golden Wing” In the motorcycling world, the Honda Gold Wing is a legend. A sort of two-wheeled vessel, it is to the motorcycle what the German sedans are to the automobile. The first motorcycle equipped with an airbag, a reverse gear, a six-cylinder, a GPS or a car radio, it also bears some clichés, such … Read more

“Sustegnu Ghjuventù”, a collective of lawyers created in Ajaccio

Faced with the violence that is currently raging on the island and particularly in Ajaccio, more than 20 lawyers from the bar of the Imperial City have decided to come to the aid of young people arrested or, if necessary, injured. This Thursday afternoon, they were seven to present “ Sustegnu Ghjuventu “, a collective … Read more

screenwriter Jean-Charles Chapuzet travels through the 20th century by following the life of lawyer Jacques Vergès

Jean-Charles Chapuzet met lawyer Jacques Vergès in February 2013 for an interview, a few months before his death in August. The interview took place in his office, rue de Ventimiglia. It was just a matter of publishing an article about him on the occasion of the release of his latest book, “De monown avowal”. The … Read more

Sharing cocoa data to fight deforestation

by Maytaal Angel ROME (Reuters) – Europe’s chocolate industry is offering to share cocoa farm location data with Ivory Coast and Ghana to help tackle deforestation. Protected cocoa traders, consumers and producers are increasingly called upon by governments to ensure their beans are not grown in forests, as the fight against climate change gathers pace. … Read more

Chancellor Olaf Scholz wraps up mixed Gulf tour

Published on : 09/25/2022 – 20:52 During a visit by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates and Germany signed an agreement on Sunday providing for the supply in 2022 and 2023 of liquefied gas and diesel to Berlin. With our correspondent in Dubai, Nicolas Keraudren The results of the German … Read more

German Chancellor Scholz on Gulf tour

AFP, published on Saturday, September 24, 2022 at 7:22 p.m. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz paid a visit to Saudi Arabia on Saturday, the starting point of a 48-hour tour of the three Gulf states in an attempt to forge energy partnerships there. Mr. Scholz, accompanied by a large delegation representing many economic sectors, met the … Read more