August 2022 Games With Gold: Saints Row 2, Calico, Scourgebringer,… (Xbox One, Xbox360)

Make way for the new batch of Games With Gold apps in this future sunny month of August. Let’s remind those who missed the information: Xbox will no longer offer 360 titles in the program from October 1, 2022. On the menu this month: in a post-acolyptic world, recruit animals to form a gang, and make your plan for future heists.

CALICO (Xbox One)

♦ Developer/Publisher: Peach Keen Games / Whitethorn Games ♦ Genre: Simulation
♦ Release: 12/15/2020 ♦ Player: 1 ♦ Availability: August 1 to 31
♦ Download link: Calico

You go to a small village populated by fantastic creatures but also by young magical girls. Quickly, you are entrusted with the task of reviving a cat cafe currently abandoned. To do this, serve pastries, welcome as many animals as possible, and install decorations and other furniture.

My opinion on the title

With a fairly interesting number of customizations, and its interactions with the different animals, Calico promotes relaxation in colorful and pastel decors. However, the title of fishing a little by its lack of objectives, several quests being very repetitive, and some (e) s will reproach him for not having certain managements of management.

Scourgebringer (Xbox One)

♦ Developer/Publisher: Flying Oak Games & e-Studio / Dear Villagers ♦ Genre: Action, Roguelike, Roguelite
♦ Release: 21/10/2020 ♦ Player: 1 ♦ Availability: August 16 to September 15
♦ Download link: Scourgebringer

In a post-apocalyptic world, a mysterious entity has wreaked havoc on all of humanity. But Kyhra, the fiercest of warriors, is determined to explore the unknown, uncover the secrets of her past, and who knows, maybe she will discover redemption for all of humanity.

My opinion on the title

If it is possible to blame it for its lack of overall content, the title nevertheless has many qualities that are found in the usual Roguelite recipe, as well as a very significant challenge. Rest assured, despite its intense moments, lightning bearer remains accessible, enough to introduce novices to the Roguelite / Roguelike genre.

Monaco – What’s Yours is Mine (Xbox 360)

♦ Developer/Publisher: Pocketwatch Games / Humble Games ♦ Genre: Action, Stealth
♦ Released: 09/10/2007 ♦ Players: 1 / 1 to 4 ♦ Availability: August 16 to 31
♦ Download link: Monaco – What’s Yours is Mine

Assemble a team of bandits to try to pull off the perfect heist. Will you prefer Locksmith, the expert in infiltration, Cleaner, a silent psychopath, Pickpocket, a wanderer with his monkey with a penchant for crime? Or will you be more adept at manipulating Redhead, or Hacker and his IT specialization?

My opinion on the title

If the soft accuses some problems of readability, or an AI (guards) a little strawberries, the atmosphere of the universe is rather successful, just like the deep reflection. Indeed, thanks to the different role choices, and its multi-axis, it is quite possible to carefully plan the future stages, or even to develop several plans.

August favorite

♦ Developer/Publisher: DS Volition / Koch Media ♦ Genre: Action
♦ Released: 08/17/2008 ♦ Players: 1 / 1 to 12 ♦ Availability: August 1 to 15
♦ Download link: Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2 (Xbox 360)

After a deep coma, the Boss that you are, discovers that his gang is nothing more than an old memory and that other gangs have taken their place during this war. It’s up to you and you alone to gather former collaborators, “reform” your gang, and take your place.

my opinion on the title

For this month of August, Xbox puts the spotlight on the license Saints Row. Remember that the new Saints Row, acting as a reboot, will be released on August 23rd. Going back to this second part, it’s a no-nonsense game that doesn’t take itself seriously with fun gameplay even if some may find it too simplistic at first.

LexiconTo benefit from Games With Gold games, you need an Xbox Live Gold subscription or an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription:

♦ Xbox Live Gold: 1 month: €6.99 / 3 months: €19.99.
♦ Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: 1st month €1 then €12.99 the following months.
♦ Xbox One games are playable as long as Xbox Live Gold membership remains active.
♦ Xbox 360 games are playable even if Xbox Live Gold membership expires.
♦ Xbox 360 games are directly downloadable on Xbox One since the end of March 2016.
♦ Clarification imported: Starting October 1, 2022, Xbox 360 games will no longer be part of the Games With Gold program.

♦ Xbox Originals games are also eligible for the offer since December 2018.
♦ Games with Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Series X|S optimization are eligible for the offer since February 2021.


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