ASVEL crushes Monaco in Match 2

Mathieu WARNIER, Media365, published on Friday June 17, 2022 at 10:20 p.m.

In a copiously dominated match, ASVEL won by a wide margin against Monaco (91-54) and came back with a victory everywhere in the Betclic Elite Finals.

It’s a real champion’s reaction! 48 hours after losing on their floor against Monaco at the opening of the Betclic Elite Finals, the ASVEL players did not give the “Roca Team” the slightest chance in a one-way Match 2 as rarely . While the defenses took precedence over the attacks in the first moments of the game, the equalizer of Ibrahima Fall Faye (10 points, 5 rebounds) after the opener signed Youssoupha Fall (8 points, 5 rebounds) was the only moment of the match during which Monaco was up to ASVEL. Indeed, from there, the constant aggressiveness of a Villeurbannaise team transfigured in an Astroballe transformed into a furnace got the better of Monegasques far from the level shown this Wednesday during the first round. If Mike James (6 points) very quickly felt that his team was not there, the two faults very quickly conceded did not allow the American to weigh on the meeting. ASVEL, for its part, multiplied the series in a masterfully led first quarter and concluded with, already, a sixteen-point lead. A trend that was not denied in the ten minutes leading up to halftime.

ASVEL without pity for Monaco

Blocked at eleven points by a formidable Rhone defense, Jerry Boutsiele’s teammates (7 points, 5 rebounds) only suffered. The players of TJ Parker, meanwhile, told their basket, first exceeding the 20-point lead before flirting with the 30-length gap as half-time approached. Before returning to the locker room, Elie Okobo put one more blow to Monaco’s head with a successful last three-point shot, allowing ASVEL to reach 50 points scored at the break… against only 23 for a “Roca Team” pale as ever. The return to the Astroballe floor was a real nightmare for Sasa Obradovic’s players. The latter, in fact, had to wait half of the third quarter to unlock their score thanks to two throws from Dwayne Bacon (4 points). Except that, in this round of time, ASVEL surveyed no less than thirteen points to reach a 40-point lead in an ever more intense atmosphere. Feeling that the match was over, the Rhone staff began to rotate their team against a demobilized opponent who did everything to prevent the humiliation from going any further.

Obradovic lost his nerves

However, after having reduced the gap to 35 points at the start of the last ten minutes, then below 30 points at the start of the last quarter, the players of the Principality once again lost the thread in defense, allowing ASVEL to reach a maximum lead of 44 points, thanks in particular to Dylan Osetkowski (13 points) and Marcos Knight (11 points). It was enough to get Sasa Obradovic out of his hinges. Very vehement against the refereeing corps, the Serbian coach was convinced by one of his assistants to join the locker room prematurely, so as not to make a gesture which he could have regretted. The “Roca Team”, of which only one player has won the ten points, falls very heavily on the floor of an ASVEL team which gave the full measure of its collective, all the twelve players registered on the sheet match having scored at least one point, even the ghost Antoine Diot (4 points). With this victory (91-54), the Rhone club returns to a victory everywhere in these Finals but the hardest part begins. President Tony Parker’s players will have to win at least once in Monaco, which will host the next two rounds, to continue to believe in a third consecutive title, which would be unheard of since 1990 and CSP Limoges.

From June 15 to 25, 2022

ASVEL (1) – MONACO (2): 1-1
Match 1 – ASVEL- monaco : 74-82
Match 2 –ASVEL – Monaco: 91-54
Match 3 on June 20 at 8:30 p.m. in Monaco
Match 4 on June 22 at 8:30 p.m. in Monaco
Match 5 (if necessary) on June 25 at 8:30 p.m. in Villeurbanne

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