associations ask for checks

They cite article R-318-1 of the Highway Code, according to which “motor vehicles must not emit fumes likely to harm public health and safety”.

The Respire, Ras le Scoot and Paris Sans Voiture associations announced on Tuesday that they had filed a legal action against the town hall and the Paris police headquarters, requesting checks on polluting two-wheelers. In their appeal filed before the Administrative Court of Paris, the associations and twenty citizens wishing that the police authorities control and remove motorized two-wheelers from circulation “to reduce air pollution and protect public health“, is it indicated in a press release. They cite article R-318-1 of the Highway Code, according to which “motor vehicles must not emit smoke, toxic, corrosive or odorous gases, under conditions likely to inconvenience the population or compromise public health and safety“.

Verbalization and sanction controls on motorized two-wheelers are not currently in place, even though they are a major source of air and noise pollution“, accuses Tony Renucci, general manager of Respire. “The city of Paris must be exemplary and a precursor, within the framework of the Low Emission Zone and in view of the 2024 Olympic Games.»

“The state has organized laxity on the control

The town hall of Paris and the prefecture take refuge behind the absence of any technical tool available (to verbalize), even though, according to the prefecture, 80% of two wheels are in violation», Underlines Camille Mialot, lawyer for the Respire association. The town hall of Paris has already planned to set up paid parking for two-wheelers with thermal engines (2WD) on September 1. According to David Belliard, assistant (EELV) for mobility and the transformation of public space, the associations say via this appeal “that the state has organized laxity in the control“.

Macron wanted these ZFEs to be systematic in agglomerations of more than 150,000 inhabitants, but without support measures for the most precarious or automatic sanctions, without the possibility of having an automatic radar to check their sticker. There is a form of laxity on the part of the State from the point of view of PTW“, Continued the Parisian elected Tuesday by presenting the registration service for the parking of two-wheelers. “We still have efforts to make, we, the City, to get out of this logic: we are really going there to put PTWs back into common law in terms of use of public space and probability of sanction/control“, underlined David Belliard.


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