Anthony Scaramucci Says Bitcoin (BTC) Hits $100,000 Soon

With bitcoin currently flirting with the $20,000 mark, some cryptocurrency proponents remain very optimistic about the medium-term future of the asset. Founder of SkyBridge Capital, Anthony Scaramucci has said that he is not worried about the current bear market and that bitcoin will reach $100,000 within 12 to 24 months.

A crisis similar to that of web companies1 in 2000

It was during CNBC’s Squawk Box show that the former White House communications chief turned bitcoin enthusiast expressed his optimism. In particular, he revealed the reasons justifying it, inviting all the same market players to remain cautious. The CEO of SkyBridge Capital said that the cryptocurrency market collapse is similar to that of Web1 companies in 2000. Rather than collapsing definitively at the time, the web industry was able to draw lessons from this event to reinvent itself and rebound afterwards.

Scaramucci sees the same scenario playing out with cryptocurrencies provided investors play their part perfectly. He notably urged them to remain disciplined while justifying the past storm. No unnecessary risks or panics that would lead to risky purchases at the bottom of the wave or anarchic liquidations. He has however acknowledged that SkyBridge Capital made purchases of bitcoins and ethers during this periodalso heard that he believes in a strong recovery of the altcoin.

A rise in the price of bitcoin of almost 400% over the next 12 or 24 months

He then rejoiced that bitcoin still retains more than half of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization, believing this to be proof that the asset remains the winning horse. When it comes to buying potential in this bear market, Scaramucci urged investors to hoard their bitcoins instead to avoid future disappointment. Finally, he engaged in the usual exercise of prediction by stating that he is convinced that bitcoin will reach $100,000 in the next 12 or 24 months. This would represent an increase of nearly 400% given current bitcoin prices.

The founder of SkyBridge Capital isn’t the only bitcoin proponent unfazed by the cryptocurrency’s falling price. This is particularly the case of Michael Saylor whose company MicroStrategy holds the largest reserve of bitcoins for a listed company with nearly 130,000 BTC purchased. Despite losses of more than a billion dollars on this investment, the CEO of MicroStrategy assured that the company will fall to HODL in adversity.

Source: Bitcoinist

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